Friday, July 20, 2007

10 - 2 Frustrating day

13 - 9. That was the final score of tonight's game against the Mets. The only part of the tonight's game I'll mention is Loney is doing awesome at first! Towards the end of the game, eighth or ninth inning, he made another great catch! Kevin yells out, "Go Nomar!" I told him, "That's Loney." He asks me, "When did they switch?" I told him, "A couple weeks ago." That made a good laugh. I asked him, didn't he notice Loney was at first and Nomar was at third? What about the lineup and when they announced the players.

But that's not what got me mad. I came home and something come up. I got really mad about it. That may be something you're not aware of. I have my dad's temper. He gets really mad and breaks things. My brother's the same way. They like to slam and break.

I was so mad I wanted to throw something. So I did. I went outside and threw my softball around. That was after I emptied my airsoft clip. My clip holds like a hundred bb's. It didn't take me long to empty it. Since I was shooting at this shed in the dark, I wasn't really aiming for anything. There was a ladder leaned up against it. The bb would make a certain sound when it hit the ladder. It made another sound if it hit the shed. Then I turned my car lights on and aimed at the pears on our little pear tree. The neighbors are gonna find a couple little bb's in their backyards. Our backyard is certainly littered with them. There was also a bucket that I started shooting into. Sometimes the bb's would go round and round if it went it. There was also a little water in it. One made a nice splash. Some just bounced right back out. I even shot at my foot to see what it would feel like, shooting myself in the foot. The first two tries didn't work. My clip needed to be reloaded. Don't worry. I only did it once.

After I finished a clip and half, I put it down and grabbed my glove and softball. I started throwing the ball straight up and tried to catch it. Mind you, there are no lights in my backyard. So it was pretty dark. But it was light enough for me to make out the ball moving in the air. I got tired of throwing it up, so I started to aim for the wall. I missed completely and threw it onto the roof. Thankfully it kept going and landed on the other side of the house. Once I got done throwing the ball around, I took out my bats and took some practice swings. I wish I had a ball on a rope to throw over the clothes line and swing at it.

Was I done calming down? Yes and no. Yes, I went back inside the house only to leave a minute later. This time, I just sat in the car and shot into the passenger side. There was plastic bag that I shot into. That made it harder the the BB's to ricochet. However, sometimes the new bb hit an old one and sent that one flying.

Well, at least I discovered some ways to release a lot of pent up anger and frustration. There's probably about 150-200 bb's lying around my backyard and in my car.

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