Monday, July 02, 2007

Martin an ALL-STAR

YEA!!!! They announced the starters for this year's All Star teams. And Russell made it!!! Yay!!!! It was so cute. Of course, for the post game show they talked with Russell. AMartinez asked him, when you get into the clubhouse and to your cell phone, who are you going to call first, mom or dad? Russell says he's gonna flip a coin, heads he'll call dad, and tails, he'll call mom. I thought that was very cute.

Anyway, today was the first day of Camp Meeting. It is a very odd feeling to know it's going on in Portland and know that I'm here in L.A. Not there. LOL I went to work this morning and my boss laughed when she saw me. Guess I looked tired. Well, I'll be looking tired for a while. It was nice though to have every other day off after that eight-day stretch where I didn't have a day off. I'm looking forward to catching some sleep tonight!

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