Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 - 1

Another nail biter, that's for sure. When we were down, 3 - 1, then tied up, I wasn't sure what the outcome was gonna be. I was hoping for a Dodgers win so my record will stay at one loss.

Today's game wasn't planned. I had wanted to go to this game because it was a day game, 12:10 start. But I was scheduled to work 11 - 3. Work has been slow, so my boss has been cutting hours this week. My hours were cut today, so I was free to go to the game.

My cousin and I sat in Lower Reserve. Highlights of the game? Loney's awesome sliding catch in foul territory. Russell's amazing catch against the backstop netting (knocked the guy over on the other side). Ethier's home run. Gonzo's home run (which won the game). I missed the pitch that Saito threw that hit the ump. Guess it was all over the web and on TV. That's the hard part about not hearing the game. You don't know what's going on sometimes. Like last game when Kemp only played the first inning and was taken out. I didn't know what was going on. Lowlights? The catch that popped out the side of Gonzo's glove. The home run given to the Phillies.

Andre's home run!!!

This landed on the guy two rows in front of us. He didn't notice it. So, I leaned forward, and said: hey. hey. He turned around. Still didn't see it. Then I told him there was a bug on his shoulder.

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