Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camp Meeting is almost over

Looking at Stacy's blog about camp meeting, it made me think that I have been thinking about the things I do miss and not miss about camp meeting this year.

Things I miss
1) Participating in the young people's services. This is probably the only time I get to.
2) The incredible prayer meetings we have
3) Hearing all the different testimonies. I forgot how much I missed this till I heard the first testimony of the 2007 Camp Meeting.
4) Singing the good ol' camp meeting songs. Well, most of them. Some of them were just too high for me, or in a odd key.

Things I don't miss
1) Being on the big screen in the tabernacle
2) Trying to keep any and all electronic devices fully (or partially) charged, i.e. camera batteries, cell phone batteries, and so forth.
3) Rushing from lunch to young people's choir practice.
4) My feet being dusty, dirty, and probably cracked and dried.
5) Remembering to put my name tag on. Looks like the tags came back this year.
6) The thumping of my heart as I contemplated getting in the LONG line on the platform to testify. Maybe it's more the line than the thumping.

I think it's interesting when they use the same music from the previous year. LOL I was watching the first Sunday young people's meeting and already I recognized the second orchestra number and the choir number. In fact, I'm glad they did the same choir number because it was my favorite choir song from last year!

The nice thing about being home, besides sleeping in my own bed, is catching the baseball games. But, of course, this time last year, I didn't really care for baseball at the time. This year, I got to catch a day game (on a Sunday, nonetheless) and the all star game. Too bad Russell didn't fare too well. He went 0 for 3, but he did get to tag out A-Rod. Now that was cool. Anyone else catch Russell's final at-bat? That's the second time I've heard him let out an expletive after he knew he popped out. This time, it was a different one.


Stacy said...

Ok so I'm not the only one that caught that little "camp meeting" blooper with the Orchastra & choir numbers....When I first heard it, I thought, "No way they would never do something like that" then when I heard the little "percussion" solo in the middle I knew RIGHT away it was a repeat. And for the choir number, I sang with them through the whole thing, and I also loved it!

Falling LEAVes said...

it's not the first time either! and it's not just the young people services too