Friday, August 26, 2005

First job

I start my first real job on Monday in the Glendale Galleria. I turned in my job application on Thursday, interviewed the next day, and then on Tuesday I filled out the paperwork. I got my work schedule, and I only work three days next week. I'm only a temp, so I work whenever they need me to work. And if things work out good, I have myself a permanent job. Well, as permanent as permanent can be. Right now, they just need a part-timer, so hopefully that'll be okay. Since I'm still living with my parents, part-time work is okay. But, what happens when I move out? I don't know if that'll be enough money. I may have to get a second job, or a new one period. I'm really nervous about starting work. I've worked before, but never a real job. I baby-sat, worked at school, and worked for my family. But I've never had to worry about doing a good job to keep my job. This time, if I mess up, it means I can lose my job. Of course, before, if I messed up, I could've lost the job I had. But it doesn't seem to weigh as much as this one. Plus, I had to get this job entirely on my own. I didn't have to go through my school or family or someone I know to get this job. What if I can't do it? What if I'm not cut for retail work? After all... what do I know about fashion? My favorite clothes to wear are things that are comfortable... shorts, tank top, flip flops (if it's warm out). What do I know about colors, what's in and what's not, what goes together? How am I going to know the different between blue slate and periwinkle blue? Or sable and tan? I know mroe about books and music than I do about clothes. What if this doesn't work out? I'm out of a job and have to start all over. Maybe the clothing business isn't for me.

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