Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Take on Jonathan Broxton

After Jonathan Broxton blew the save on Saturday, I knew everyone was going to be all over him. What was it? His third blow save in five chances? Sure enough. It was just like Wednesday all over again. Except instead of everyone bashing Guillermo Mota, it was Jonathan Broxton. It's kinda funny how on Wednesday, there were tons of callers who wanted to know why Broxton wasn't put in on Wednesday. Yet, on Saturday, there were just as many callers who wanted to know why Broxton WAS put in on Saturday. Then today, I was listening to the Mason and Ireland show on 710 ESPN (because they actually talk sports over there, whereas I only listen to KABC when the game is on and for Dodger Talk). They were asking people about what Joe Torre should do with Jonathan Broxton. Plan A) Keep putting him in there. Plan B) take him out of the closer role and put Sherrill in instead. Those were basically the two sides. How about some stats now?

Jonathan Broxton is 7th in the NL with 25 saves in 30 save opportunities. That's at least five blown saves. Who are the top six ahead of Broxton? R. Franklin (Cardinals, 30/32 with 2 - 1 record); Heath Bell (Padres, 29/31 with a 5 - 2 record); Huston Street (Rockies, 29/30 with a 3 - 1 record); Brian Wilson (Giants 28/34 with 5 - 5 record); Trevor Hoffman (Brewers, 26/28 with 1 - 1 record); Francisco Rodriguez (Mets, 26/31 with a 3 - 4 record). Broxton also has more wins than anyone else (7) and no losses. Brad Lidge, last year's closer extraordinarre is 10 with 23 saves in 31 chances, has a record of 0 - 5.

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