Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An excerpt from my Dodger blog

Cat came down and gave me a copy of the Dodger magazine. I was flipping through it, mainly looking for Erika's nephew. He's supposed to be in one of the upcoming Dodger magazines. He was dressed like Manny the first home-game after Manny's suspension was over. Wouldn't you know it? I didn't find him but I did find this ..
August 2009.jpg

ME!!!! I was in shock. Not a flattering picture, but still. I was in the Dodger magazine!!!

After batting practice was over, I headed up to my seat. I purchased this as part of my twelve-game mini-plan. When I got up there, I noticed this cloud layer that I realized ... that's the smoke from the fire that's off the 134 freeway!
2009-08-04 031.jpg

The game started off well enough. Kuroda struck out the first two batters, and before you knew it, it was the Dodgers turn to bat. The Dodgers came close to batting around the in first inning. By the time the second inning began. Kuroda had a very nice lead to go with.
2009-08-04 230.jpg

Matt Kemp making a beautiful slide to score!

Unfortunately, Kuroda got disctracted when a fan decided to make a dumb move and sprint onto the field. He waved to Manny as he passed him too! The security eventually caught up with him. Great job by security! Especially since I know two of the guys who tackled him. The two who had to run back to their regular spots once the guy was carted off. Game resumed ... and the Brewers got on board with three runs! Uh-oh, that means... we're only up by one run!

If you want to see the rest of of the entry, go to LEAVes of Dodger Blue at

I will try to post more about the other games I've gone to and autograph signings too! There's already an entry up about all the signings I went to in June.

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