Saturday, October 22, 2005


Okay, so today we went bowling for my birthday. What a big drama that was to begin with. It turns out the reservations I made weren't made at all. The bowling alley we went to didn't even have any lanes for us. They sent us to another one, which happened to be their sister bowling alley. Because of the big mix up however, we did get our two lanes for free. So, we had a good time. Gabriel bowled a turkey (for those who don't know what a turkey is in bowlingese, it's when someone bowls three strikes in a row). One frame, everyone (almost) bowled a strike. FOUR STRIKES IN A ROW! That was crazy.

And here's comes the BIG SIGH. SIGH. Gabriel and I got a lot of time to talk, since we drove from Hollywood to Downey and back (well, plus Eagle Rock to drop off Nina). And during that talk, we talked about certain things. Now I know some of you may have been worried about where things may go from that last conversation I had with him. Well, put your worries to REST. The conversation we had today was a complete 180 from the one we had at work. He is in no way interested in me. Shall I say that again? He ... is not... interested. That's okay. Because I know things would never have worked out anyway. I probably read too much into it. Like I said before, I overanalyze a lot. After today, I know I am not his type. He said so himself in his own way. If you want to know, then ask and then I'll tell you. So, we had a good time today, but the truth of the matter is... he's not interested in me.

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