Saturday, April 22, 2006

I have created another coworker

Sherisse and I are now coworkers. She applied about two weeks ago, got interviewed, and started working last Saturday. Now we have another AFer working in a retail store in Los Angeles. Actually, I think we have three now. Sherisse and I actually don't work together much. Not yet, anyway. So far she just works Thursday and Saturday nights. I just work Monday through Friday, from nine to five-thirty. I only saw her for about half an hour on Thursday, that was all.

As of last Monday, we started a contest in our store. So far I'm in the lead. It's a little tough because I have a lot of hours. But this week has been a good week. So it was a little easier. Hopefully I win! If I do, I'll let ya'll know what I won. And if I don't, I'll tell you what I didn't.

This is gonna be quite a long blog. I've been working a lot. Currently we're down an associate manager and a store manager. All we've got is an assistant manager (who takes a week to do what the store manager does) and a lead associate. And I'm the only associate who can open during the weekdays. We have one who only work on weekends and three who close. One of the three can open, but usually it's me. So I'm up at nine every day from Monday to Friday, working eight hours a day. Then on Saturday I get up before ten to take my mom downtown, and then there's Sunday (no explanation needed there, right?)

It's getting late and I'll check in another week or two.

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