Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You'll never guess....

Who I saw today and how much I spent....

today, after I finished my LONG shift at work... I picked up Nina so she could come with me to the Galleria so I could pick up my things at my store. This week is a 50% off promotion for all associates. So, I had some things on hold at my store that I wanted to buy. Instead of parking near my store, I parked near the food court. Nina and I were walking when she saw someone waving at us. I was oblivious (just like I was oblivious to how close that guy was standing behind me at the Dodger game) to this person. Nina saw who it was, recognized him, and turned me towards the person. It was Gabriel!

Mind you, I haven't seen Gabriel since his last day. He was on his dinner break. SIGH. That's all I've got to say about him. On the plus side, Juan/Johonny/John/whatever-his-name-is was still at Gloria Jean's when we walked by.

So, does anyone care to speculate how much I spent at Talbots today?

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