Saturday, December 26, 2009


There's a week of 2009 left. And I can say, I am glad 2009 is almost over. Looking back over it, I can say that I thorough enjoyed the 2009 baseball season. I love all the new friends I've made through the Dodger caravan, autograph signings, the 51 regular season home games, 2 road games, and 3 play-off games. 2009 has been an incredible season and I am thankful for that. Especially since I don't know what to expect for 2010, since I am unemployed. I can't thank JoAnna, Cat, Pat, Roberto, Ernie, Miguel, Mickey, Linda, Kenneth, Robert (both of them), Cari, Stacey, Kristin, Laurie, Michael, Rudy, and anyone else I may have missed to making 2009 such an amazing experience for me. It's hard to believe I've only known JoAnna for two years and Cat for less than a year. I can't imagine going to a game and not seeing the same people every game. I look forward to every handshake and every hug and every smile. It has become more than just going to a baseball game. It has become more than just seeing the players. And for that, I am very thankful.

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