Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tiresome Trouble

Back in May, I suffered a blown tire due to stupid driving on another person's part, add to that a spike in the side of the road. Due to my financial status at that time, I only had enough cash on hand to replace that one tire. Jack wanted me to replace my tires while I was in Portland. Again, due to my financial status, I couldn't afford it. Too bad I did't. Because guess, what? I NEED NEW TIRES.

How did I discover this? Tonight, while taking Nina back home, the front right tire popped! My guess, they're old, and my car had more weight on it than usual. Nina was in hte front seat, in the back seat I had three of my cousins, and my brother (17, 14, 14, 13 are their ages), PLUS my mom bought like packs of water (3) and gaterade from Smart and Final today (it's like Coscto for those who don't know what a Smart and Final is).

So, I'm guessing with all that additional weight, the front tire couldn't handle it anymore. I was making the second to last turn at the bottom of the hill to Nina's when I noticed that something sounded and felt funny about the car. I pulled over, and discovered the tire was flat! Forty minutes later, spare tire on, we were on our way. Why did it take so long? Well, remember, we were parked at the bottom of a hill. On the first try, the car started to roll back, so I moved it further down the hill. On the second try, we had gotten the flat tire off the car. He tried the jack the car up higher, and the car just rolled off! Finally on the third try, we got the tire on and we were in business.

Get this... this all happened right at MIDNIGHT! So, here we in, at midnight, trying to change a tire. We were right underneath the 2 Freeway, too.

Now all I've got to do is find some money to get new tires!

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