Friday, February 06, 2009

My Autographs

There's my giant scrapbook
Here's the inside cover. Since it's basically in two columns, here's who I have. Left column, top to bottom: Bobby Castillo (Dodger caravan, day 2), Kevin Kennedy (Fabulous Fiftieth event), Derrel Thomas (Fabulous Fiftieth event). Right column: Ken Landreaux (Dodger caravan, day 2), Charlie Steiner (Fabulous Fiftieth event), and Tommy Davis (Fabulous Fiftieth event)

First page of scrapbook. In no particular order: Mark Loretta (Dodger Caravan, day 2), Delwyn Young (Dodger Caravan, day 2), James McDonald (Fabulous Fiftieth event), Sweet Lou Johnson (Dodger Caravan, day 2), Rudy Law (Autograph Alley), Joe Beimel (Staples), and Chad Billingsley (AT&T)

James Loney

Russell Martin (Dodger Caravan, Day 2)

Matt Kemp (Fabulous Fiftieth Event)

Andre Ethier (AT&T Store)

Blake DeWitt (Dodger Caravan, day 1)

Andre Ethier (Dodger Caravan, day 1)

Rudy Law (Dodger Caravan, day 1)

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