Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another one missing...

What I mean by that is ... I'm missing another memory card. It's bad enough that I'm missing my 1 gig memory card from my previous digital camera. When I got my new one, I got three 1 gig cards. Now one of them is temporarily misplaced. Where is it? If I knew, it wouldn't be temporarily misplaced. I need one of those big cases that holds multiple memory cards. How many? Let's see... I have two of those PNY 1 gig memory cards left, 1 512 mb SanDisk card, then the 32 mb Canon card that came with the camera, and a 2 gig mini-SD card. On top of that, I have two 1 gig cards misplaced. Then I still have my 256 and 512 compact Flash memory cards from my first digital cameras. In case you haven't noticed, the CompactFlash cards are becoming more and more obsolete. When I was considering replacing my first camera, I wanted to get another one that used CompactFlash. However, I discovered most cameras now use either a SD card, memory stick (if it was Sony), or another kind of card. But no Compact Flash. So, I moved on and got the SD cards. Why do I need so much memory space? Have you looked at my flickr lately? Do you know how many pictures I take? It's ridiculous. I know. But a zebra can't change it's spots, right?

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