Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What I did on my last day of vacation...

... I went to a marching band competition!

A couple weeks ago, Heidi told me her high school was hosting a band competition on October 28th. I told her I would request that day off so I could go. Then I realized, I was going to have that day off anyway. It was the last day of my one-week vacation. I was so excited. I haven't gone to a band competition ... I think since the year after I graduated. I went to several competitions during that year. But after that ... I don't think I went to anymore.

This competition brought back a lot of old memories and emotions. But I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore, on the field competing. But seeing those bands on the field ... I remember some of those emotions you get when you're on the field ... getting off the field ... circling up after a performance ... The best part of all this? Heidi's solo! Yup, our little Heidi had a solo during her band's field show.

The best show? It was definitely Thousand Oaks High School. We passed this band when Nina and I went to the car. They had some TALL trombone players. They had black uniforms and each player had a number on the front of their uniform. Why? The theme of their show was time. It was really cool. About a third from the end, everyone put down their instruments. I'm not sure what to call what they did, but it was AWESOME! I'll link the video if I can ever upload it. And I guess I can say this online ... but boy am I glad I didn't have the band director Arroyo did when I was in high school ;-) . He he he :-D

Pictures are up on my flickr in the Downey Field Tournament set.

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