Thursday, December 06, 2007

Say it isn't so....

Randy Wolf ... Padres.... say it isn't so!

Okay, I discovered this bit of news while checking for MLB News on my phone. My reaction: "No!!!!!" Well, I really wanted Randy to come back to the Dodgers. However, at least he's staying in the NL West. So hopefully (if he stays healthy) I can see him pitch in Dodger Stadium more than once this year. And I'm hoping to find a way to get him to sign my scrap book. There's an article that I saved that I would like him to sign.

It's interesting when I check my stats, that most of the people who read my blog are referred to it from a google search. Does that mean the majority of the people who read this thing are people I don't know or don't know me? Is that a good thing? Well, seeing that no one comments on anything ... I guess I'll never know the answer. How long do these people stay on anyway? Does my blog answer whatever it is they were googling for?

Anyway, with the holiday season almost over (okay half over, but I'm looking forward to the end) ... I'll post a blog later about how I feel about this holiday season and some of the stupidity that I have to put up with.

Now onto some baseball stuff... I was over at Diane's today and we looked through her yearbook from her senior year. Anyone know who Steve Lyons is? Well, I got to see what he looked like when he was a senior in high school. They attended the same high school. Also, looks like we're getting another outfielder ... Andruw Jones. Sounds like the rumor that they were going to move Juan Pierre to left may come true. Does that mean they're platooning Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier? Hello, have we not learned our lesson yet? We need to keep those two in the line up regularly and not platoon them. Stick Andre in left and Matt in right. Too bad we can't get rid of Pierre. And hopefully Jones works better than Pierre did.

Only a few more months till baseball season starts. Does that mean I'm going to have to change my daily route once baseball season starts?

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