Monday, December 10, 2007

Update on Chloe 12/8

I saw Chloe yesterday. She looks good! It was good to see her participate in the Sunday school Christmas Program. I wish I could've been there. It was the first Christmas Program I have ever missed in all my years of going to Sunday School. I thought about that while I was at work. This was my first Christmas Program I didn't go to. It's been quite a few years since I've been in one (Sunday school wise I mean). But that's part of growing older. And quite frankly ... I don't like being up on stage anyway. Still ... my favorite programs had to have been "The Case of the Missing Christmas" and "Lone Star Gulch."

Team in Training!!! 12-8-07

Yay!! We just finished 10 miles today...we are now officially in the double digits!! Wooo hoo!!!! Go Team in Training!!

Chloe met the team along with Danya our other honored team mate. They were there to cheer us along. We have walkers, runners and cyclists...we all made it! Our entire team is up to 124 thousand in fund-raising and our OC Team alone has raised over 50 thousand to date. Thank you all so much for donating to this super important cause!
By the way, I came in second place overall for total dollars raised...but some checks that came in last night put me in first place!! Thank you!!!! Now it's time for an ice bath..oh joy!

Awesome update on Chloe 12-05-07
I am happy to announce that Chloe made her numbers today (855) and will be starting her last phase of treatment tomorrow morning!!
Please pray for her procedure tomorrow, she will get a lumbar puncture where they will inject chemo into her spine. Not her favorite procedure.

This phase lasts for about three years but it is the final phase of her treatment. Yay!!! We are so happy to be able to finally get there!! Thank you all for your continued support and many prayers. We love you all!!

Love and thanks,
Karla & Family

Team in Training Update...12-01-07

Thank you to those of you that have donated to LLS so far!! We only have a few hundred more to go!! Wow!!! Our NINE mile training was this morning....and we are looking forward to TEN miles next Saturday!! In the mean time we are training 5 days a week to be totally prepared for the LA Marathon March,!! Our Team is pushing to get to the 100 thousand dollar mark....we will be able to fund an entire grant!!! Our little ol team is bringing in the bucks and it is going to help SO many that are fighting blood cancers. Thank you so much for your support!!

(Now it's time for a lovely ice bath)

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