Saturday, December 01, 2007

Update on Chloe 11-30-07

Update on Chloe 11-30-07
Chloe did not make her numbers today ...the hospital just called and she is a bit short at 682.
They will take her blood again on the 7th and see if she can start on Thursday the 8th. Please keep praying...we are well on our way. Just a little bit more...and we will be there. God is in control and He knows best....and this is all in His time not ours.

With much love and thanks!!!


Prayer Request for Chloe....11-27-07

3 days ago
Please pray that Chloe makes her numbers on Friday's blood draw. If she does, she can start her next phase Monday the 3rd of December. She needs to be greater than 750...

Thank you all for your prayers...


The Diemer Family

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