Monday, July 07, 2008

I can't believe it!

At work today, I told my boss, "I'm going to laugh if Kuroda pitches a complete game shut out." What I should've said was a perfect game. Because guess what? Hiroki Kuroda pitched a COMPLETE GAME SHUT OUT, allowing only ONE hit, no walks. He was ONE hit short of a perfect game. And why is this funny? I had tickets to the game. Why didn't I go? I had to work. It's funnier because I mentioned the above quote before the game even started. Hilarious. I turned on the radio just in time for the final two outs. The reception wasn't the greatest, but I got the last two outs of the game. I really really HOPE this game is available on ITunes games of the year. When was the last time a Dodger pitcher pitched TWO complete game shutouts in the same season? When was the last time any pitcher pitched two complete game shutouts?

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Knikki said...

Yeah, Ralph Sampson (basketball player) was supposed to come to the mall and do a signing but he canceled at the last minute unfortunately.

I hear ya on that one.

Well, I'm glad to hear that your Talbots does nice things for their employees. I try and be a good person and just do my job but apparently retail is too cuthroat for me. I've never had these kinds of problems with people before. I'm competitive and I try to meet my goals but I don't go in excess. So I'm not overly competitive or whatever.

Ah no use whining. I found another job so it's whatever.

<3 Knikki