Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Say it isn't so....

I got in the car this morning and put on XX sports radio for my drive to work. Right before 12:48, they were talking about Randy Wolf and there were some hot trade rumors going on. One source was saying he was in the club house. Another source was saying Randy wasn't going to be a Padre very much longer. And they were talking hours. They went to break at 12:48. And right when they came back, they confirmed it. Randy Wolf was TRADED to the ASTROS. Say it isn't so. Scott and BR must be bummed. I hope they chat to Randy about it. I was bummed. I spent most of the short drive to work yelling at the radio. Sadly ... the Astros don't play the Padres or the Dodgers at all the rest of the season. There goes my chances of seeing Randy in any kind of uniform this year. Sigh. I was planning on taking the week off when San Diego comes to LA in September. I still probably will just because I'm planning on going to two of the three games that week. I was hoping to go to all three and hoping to see Randy. I'll probably wear my Wolf shirt to them anyway. I just looked at the Astros roster. Wonder if Randy will keep his #25 or will he go back to the #52. I wonder what number he'll end up with. He's not on their roster yet. I thought it was also funny that when I walked out of the store today, there was a guy with a Houston Astros' t-shirt on. It was Carlos Lee's. I wonder if I can get a Padres' Wolf shirt really cheap now ... and where... Oh well. No more road trips down to San Diego to see the Wolf.

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