Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm on someone else's website!

Interesting ... I was checking my stats and noticed that I was getting a lot of referrals from a Criminal Minds website. Curiosity got the better of me. So I went over there and checked it out. Lo and behold ... there was one of my pictures! And below it said:

"Fan Takes Criminal Minds Set Photos
Interesting Blog Post with actual Criminal Minds Amateur Photos taken. A Criminal Minds fan takes a few snapshots of the set and actors of an episode being filmed in front of her house. The blog is worth taking a look at. It is always fun seeing the behind scenes set ups.

Actual Site with Actual Amateur Street Pictures from a Criminal Minds Episode"

Funny thing was ... at the time I wasn't a Criminal Minds fan! I am now. I wish I was then. I would certainly have taken MORE photos and taken photos of the actual cast. Cool. The only other person's blog I know I make appearances on is Ernesto's Dodger blog.

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