Friday, January 25, 2008

Pictures from when "Criminal Minds" filmed on my street

That's the sign that greeted me when I drove down my street. I stopped to ask the cop sitting there if I could drive down to my house. About the third time I drove to my house, a cop stopped me because he said I was going too fast, that he was worried that I didn't see all the film equipment up ahead.
There's some of the equipment, including the dummy. I wonder how they manage to film everything without everything in the background being seen.

Yup, that was parked in front of my house when I got home. Good thing I knew they were filming or else ... hmmm

I think that's the body of the gangster the mail lady finds on the porch.

He's one of the local detectives.

The other local detective. the one on the gang task force I think
BTW ... who delivered the pizza?

Here's the rest of them arriving. Too bad i didn't take more pictures.

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LaDonna said...

Very cool. When I was in NY for the youth conference, one time they were filming an episode of Law and Order right next to the church in Brooklyn. It's so neat to watch stuff like that.