Friday, January 25, 2008

Prayer Request/Update on Chloe 1-24-08

Well, what goes up must come down....and that is exactly what Chloe's numbers have done. :(
Please continue to pray for Chloe as her numbers are dangerously low at 251.

I feel so bad for taking Chloe out anywhere. I had no idea her numbers were so low.

Thank you for remembering us in prayer.

Karla & Family

Update on Chloe 1-9-08
Chloe did awesome on our trip up to Portland for two weeks. We all had a great time and it even snowed on Christmas day!
Chloe had a very rough time at her appointment yesterday but she is still hanging on to good numbers. She is at 966, yay!! I didn't send out an update before we left, but her numbers went all the way up to 2933!! It was a wonderful start to our trip.
Chloe hasn't eaten much for the past six days so she was put on a steroid yesterday to help increase her appetite. Hopefully that will work.
Happy New Year to you all and once again thank you for lifting up our family in prayer.

Much love and thanks,

Karla, David, Ashley, Hannah & Chloe :D

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