Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"I need you to translate"

Too bad she didn't know what she needed me to translate for her!

Yesterday at work, I was in the front when Mariam called me to the register. What did she want? She wanted me to translate for her. I looked at the two women at the registers. Neither of them looked like they spoke Spanish. One was a Caucasian blond lady. The other was Asian. So I told Mariam that I didn't speak Chinese. Mariam asks the lady what she spoke and she said Korean. So I told Mariam I didn't speak Korean. Now Mariam has done this before. The last couple of times were with Spanish speaking ladies because I know a limited amount of Spanish. But I don't like to translate because I don't really know enough Spanish. Other than Spanish, when has Mariam EVER heard me speak anything other than English? And why would she assume I know how to speak Korean or Chinese or whatever language she thinks I can speak? Am I to assume that because she can speak Armenian that she can speak other European languages, like Greek or German or Macedonian? I don't make that assumption so why should she make that assumption about me? Considering I have never spoken any Asian dialect in front of her. And she speaks Armenian all the time with customers and coworkers. There were other things that happened at work that day ... but I don't remember them now. Maybe they'll come to me later. Other wise ... oh well

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