Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today was an interesting day, to say the least.

I'll start off with the first thing of the day. At exactly 7:00, I woke up from a bad dream. The dream affected me so much that it made my blood run cold. Okay, so I was cold anyway. But this was a different kind of cold that only a bad dream could've left me. Anyone know what I'm talking about? So, what was my dream about? One word. Dinosaurs. It was really weird, but I was scared out of my mind in the dream. In fact, I think there was only one kind of dinosaur in my dream. Velociraptors. *shudders* I've had bad dreams about dinosaurs ever since I saw Jurassic Park when I was a kid.

Eventually I got up and went to work. It started off slowly and then business just picked up. Olga and Tracy were looking for something, and Tracy told Olga to ask me, because I'm supposed to know everything. It's going to be interesting readjusting to Tracy now that we're all used to how Tanzania ran things. When Tracy and I came back from making the money drop, there was a lady outside our store looking at the windows. Today was the third day in a row she came to our store. Who goes to a clothing store three days in a row???

Now here's what gets me. I had a customer today who comes in and when you see her, you go "ugh. great. this one again." This one comes in and fills her fitting room to capacity and barely buys anything. Well, she spent about three to four hours in our store today. When she first went into her room, she started with 29 things. Throughout the next couple of hours, I took things that she didn't want, brought her more sizes, and so forth. Every time I went into the fitting room, she needed another size in something or another. Only problem was, some of the stuff she was trying on was on sale. So we didn't have her size. She brought one pile of things to the counter that she knew she wanted. And she continued to look around. Naturally, she made a mess out of the stacks. She went into the fitting, tried some MORE things on. Comes out and looks at the shoes. There's a pair of shoes that she wanted but we didn't have her size. So, I call another store (Palo Alto) to see if they had it. They did. We did the send sale. Five minutes later, she decides she wanted another shoe. And guess who had it? Palo Alto. So, I call them again. They find the shoe. As I'm giving them the information for the sale, she tells me she changed her mind. She was going to take the size she was trying on. Is she done? Nope. She takes six more things into the fitting room to try on. I think by now, the count has gone up to about forty or fifty things. Out of the last six, she only took one.

NOW here's the fun part. Instead of making it all in ONE transaction, she splits everything up. Why? To take advantage of our promotion. You get a coupon for every $100 you spend, but it's only one per transaction. So, she split up her purchase to get as many of those coupons as possible. No big deal right? Well, it was a big deal to me because had she bought everything in one transaction, my units per transaction total would've sky rocketed. But instead, she made like five different transactions. one had one item, another had two. I think another one had four and another one had five. So, not bad right? What's that... at least ten things out of fifty? Oh wait. But she's not done yet. She asks me to put two of the pants she had JUST tried (that I already put way) on hold for her. Good grief. Hopefully when she comes back, she doesn't try on FIFTY things again.

BTW. I'm uploading pictures from the Rose Parade onto my flickr and my bebo. Those of you who have access to my bebo, not all the photos will be posted. However, I will post the majority of my photos on flickr. Check them out when you have a chance and feel free to leave a comment. Except for Nina

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LaDonna said...

I feel your pain, Linda. I ran into several not very fun situations like that working at Macy's. We did have a four garment limit for fitting rooms, but the managers told us to disregard that, because basically Macy's wants their money any way it takes to get it. And if that means letting a customer go in w/ 5 million dresses, then let it happen :P