Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buttons and boxes

Buttons. I hate buttons. Actually, it's more like I hate it when people completely unbutton something that does not need to be unbuttoned. Why? Because they know how to unbutton it, but they don't know how to button it back up. Why is it necessary for someone to unbutton all the buttons on a dress or skirt to try it on? For example, we have this new dress that has maybe a dozen buttons on it. Is it really necessary for EVERY button to be unbuttoned to try on? Same thing with this skirt. Is it really necessary for EVERY button to be unbuttoned? No, it's not. I, for one, NEVER unbutton anything unless I have to. And then, I'd only button as little button. For the most part, I don't unbutton anything if I can't help. And if I do ... I button it back. However, it seems that's a concept that's quite foreign to most of our customers. For example ... there's this one cardigan in our store ... several buttons. I must've buttoned that thing three times alone. And then there's that dress. Good grief. Think about it. Our store may have at most, four people on the floor at any given time. At least, there's two people. Say there are six people in the store, they each unbutton five blouses. That's THIRTY blouses for me to button. Why me? Because I always get stuck doing go-backs and recovery. For the most part, the other manager will help, unless it's Mariam. Then forget about it. I have to do it all myself. And that's just blouses. Don't forget there's jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants, and skirts.

Another thing I didn't think about till Olga pointed it out. We were tossing boxes and she said, when we get catalog returns, why don't our customers just bring the returns back in a bag? For the most part, they always bring their catalog returns in the box they received it in. Making more trash for us. Hmm. Makes sense to me, to put their things in a bag, right?

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