Saturday, August 02, 2008

Burst my bubble why don't you?

Okay, so last week I went to the Chad Billinsley signing at the AT&T store on Wilshire. There were two lines, one for "Dodger Fanatics" and one for "AT&T Customers." They let the "AT&T Customers" go first ... even though my friends and I were the first ones in line and we had showed up at 8. But that's okay, because they let us in after the first ten of the "AT&T Customers". Today, there was an autograph signing for Andre Ethier at the AT&T store in Culver City. Because I had to be at work at two o'clock, we left at seven to get there. Naturally, we were the first ones there. After about four hours of waiting, they announced that they were going to let all the "AT&T Customers" go first before even TOUCHING the other line. You can imagine how upset I was and the people in line with me. We had been in line longer than anyone else. And with the long "AT&T Customers" line ... there was NO WAY we were going to get our autographs. I was quite upset. I voiced my opinion to the person in charge, and she didn't like it one bit. I guess I was a little rude ... not as rude as some of the other people in line behind me. I was just told her that it wasn't fair because we had been in line since 7:30 and waited all this time to see Andre. Had I known they were going to to do it this way, I wouldn't have come. She said that's how they did it. I said no, because I was the first person in line at the Chad Billingsley one and they alternated between the two lines. She said, that's how they did it last year. But I told her the Chad Billingsley one was last WEEK. She didn't like it. Basically told me, too bad, "AT&T Customers" come first. The other AT&T representative was very sympathetic ... and I think she got in trouble with the blonde boss lady. Poor thing. I felt very bad for her. But I was tired, upset, and hot. We stood in line for nearly FIVE hours in the sun ... before they finally decided to let us go in as well. One lady kept coming up and complaining that she had been waiting for two hours and it wasn't fair because most of the "AT&T Customers" probably hadn't been in line as long. One lady in the "AT&T Customers" line waited just as long and didn't like her complaint. Another fan in line complained and I guess it was hers that got the boss lady to change her mind. They said the "radio" advertised that "AT&T Customers" got to go in first. Actually, the radio said that if they showed their AT&T phone, they'd get "front of the line" privileges. Does that equal "going in before everyone else"? And online, there was no such disclaimer. That isn't fair to those of us who saw the autograph signing online but didn't hear about it on the radio. Naturally, it was a no-win situation because they said one thing and someone said another. They originally said they would alternate between the lines. Then the boss lady changed all that. Had they left it alone with the alternating ... it would've been fine. But when the boss lady told me basically too bad ... I was almost in tears. Nina was almost in tears. The girl behind me was almost in tears. And we had been there way longer than anyone else. It was probably around 12:30 before they finally let us go in. Andre signed Nina's picture first. She mentioned the smudge of dirt on Andre's forehead in the picture ... and he said, "it's a dirty game." I wish I had on it video! Nina had Andre sign a picture I took of Andre in the Dodgers' dugout from Saturday's game. Everyone around us loved the photo and wanted a copy. We joked about running down to RiteAid and making copies. I had Andre sign my scrapbook. I think I heard some murmurs when I laid down my scrapbook and opened it up to a certain page. I had thought of some things to say to Andre when it was finally my turn ... but I forgot all about them because I was still quite upset. One of the AT&T workers was handing stuff out and made a comment to me that she saw my scrapbook and wondered what it was, and how long I worked on it. By the way ... the sunglasses I'm wearing in the picture ... I have Andre's autograph on the right side ... and Russell's autograph on the left side. I enjoyed seeing Andre and getting his autograph on my scrapbook ... but the whole ordeal with the boss lady left me with a bad experience overall ... and it soured the rest of my day. Though I may have inspired another fan to start a scrapbook too.

The picture Nina got signed

Andre arriving ... late as usual

Nina and Andre

Me and Andre ... and my giant scrapbook

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