Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hate going to the DMV

In approximately eight hours, I will be making another trip to the DMV ... the third day in row ... fifth DMV office total. Why??? Because my dad needs to get his registration sticker for his car. Why do I have to go? Because his English isn't good enough. Let's start at the beginning.

August 11
Nina and I go to DMV #1 to pay for his registration and fill out the application for her CA i.d. card. I pay for his registration, but they won't give me a sticker because we have to send something to the state DMV for our proof of financial responsibility. And he needed a smog test. Nina didn't get her ID because they couldn't find her in the system via her social.

August 25
I call the state DMV to find out if they received our "proof of financial responsibility" and yes, they did. I take my dad's car to get a smog check, and yes, I survived. Driving his car is like choosing a slow agonizing death from either suffocation or from the heat or asphyxiation (isn't that the same as suffocation?) or lung cancer. Plus, it's like 96 degrees out and he has no air conditioning and he has leather seats. I take the car to the place my dad told me to. They send me somewhere else because he probably just needed a smog test. Get the smog test done. Go home and switch cars because there is no way on God's green earth that was I was going to drive his car any longer than necessary. I drive back to DMV#1 and the line is ridiculously long. So I know of another DMV that I went to another time. I drive to that DMV and guess what? The line is also ridiculously long. So long that they had someone at the end of the hallway limiting the number of people going in. So I leave.

August 26
I go to DMV#1 and see the same line. Go to DMV#2. I actually get in the hallway this time. By the time I get remotely close to the counter, it says wait time was 40 minutes. And that's once you got your ticket. I was a good 20 minutes away from the counter after waiting 20 minutes already. Seeing as I only had like an hour before work, I knew I wasn't going to make it. So I leave. Guess what the wait time at DMV#1 was? 20 minutes. Rats. Should've stayed. Then I get home tonight and my dad is super angry and said he shouldn't have me do anything for him anymore. That's fine by me. Because if I had done this, I would've done this like in JULY instead of waiting till now. Then again, where was I in July? Oh yeah. At Nina's. Why? Because I had virtually been pushed out of the house. And when they wanted me to come back home, I wasn't going to till I absolutely had to. If he wants to take care of it by himself, that's fine by me.

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