Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's been a long day ...

And it certainly wasn't a happy ending.

I get to work, and an hour into my shift, one of my regular customers show up. I let her browse around. She spoke with one of the other associates. But then she comes to me and asks me to put two things on the counter for her. I do. She goes to use the restroom. When she comes out, the other associate approaches her again. My customer tells her that I am helping her, and the associate tells her my name. My customer looks at me and tells me that she realizes she didn't know my name. The associate proceeds to tell my customer her name. Well, my customer goes over to a table of sweaters and starts going through them. I go over and help her try on several sweaters. I notice the other associate talking the with key holder, in their language of course. And from the way they were looking at me, I knew that they were talking about me. The associate's shift ended and she left. My customer was ready with a purchase for herself, a friend, and her niece ... most of the things were things I had helped her pick. And then the key holder goes and tells me that the SALE BELONGED TO THE OTHER ASSOCIATE. Excuse me? Who was unbuttoning cardigans and helping the customer put them on, the doing the same for two other sizes???? I was mad as a hornet.

After my break, Bella shows up. She's shaped like the liberty bell, and probably just as big. Though she somehow manages to squeeze herself into a large, and occasionally an XL. I don't know how she does it, if she has a magic wand in her purse to make herself to fit into a large, but I would love to know how she gets the material to stretch enough for her. She even is brave enough to try on mediums. And believe me when I say that she is definitely NOT a medium when she is barely an XL. Though don't tell her that. She might knock you over with her hips when she walks by. Once she sat down for about fifteen minutes after waddling around the store. And she leaves a messy trail of clothes behind her as well. Unfortunately, after she left, she came back with a friend who was just as messy. Fortunately for me, the friend didn't shop in my department.

To top it all of, I picked up the phone and the person on the line was asking for the store manager and the number to customer service. She wanted to make a complaint that she was in the mall a while back and she was with her daughter outside our store. She was shocked when we called security because they thought she left her daughter alone when she was with her. She said that we should be watching our store and not what was going on outside. Well, that's her story. When the key holder hung up, she asked me why did the customer wait so long to complain? It happened over three weeks ago. Then she started to say maybe the customer was there and maybe we just didn't see her. If she really was there, then why was no one around to watch the little girl? There was no adult around except for another set of parents who were watching their own kids. If she really was there, why was security able to come and take the little girl to the security office? If she was there, she couldn've stepped in and say, hey, that's my daughter. If she really was there, why would she show up half an hour or more later, not knowing where her daughter was?

Want to know what really happened?

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