Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, so now I'm 24. Nina and I went to school then met up with Angelina for lunch at Islands. Angelina had gone to Marshall's earlier, so Nina and I went because she said there was a bunch of Dodgers stuff on sale. I got two t-shirts for Joanne. I also found a Red Sox book for Sherisse and a framed photo of Nomar for Angelina. Why am I saying this on my blog? Pretty certain they don't read it ... at least I don't think they do. So if they know what I got them, then I guess they do read this. Nina wanted to find the Boston book, so we went to another Marshall's that was close so she could find one. Instead, she found a Dodgers' warm up jacket (authentic Majestic one too!!!) for 20. Wow. I went home and took some pictures of the stray kitties in my backyard. I heard a strange popping noise when I was walking back to my car. Not sure what it was. Well guess what? I was trying to take some pictures tonight and my FLASH wouldn't work!!! Was that the popping noise I heard???? After picking up Nina, my brother (who even told me happy birthday!), then prayer meeting. After the prayer meeting, we went to Baskin Robbins for $1 Tuesday scoops (okay so it was $1 for kid scoops and 1.50 for regular scoops). I got a scoop of jamoca and a scoop of chocolate fudge. I meant to get a scoop of jamoca almond fudge but didn't see it till later. That's okay, because guess what? Once I got to the scoop of jamoca ... it wasn't there anymore! Yup ... it fell off my cone and onto the floor :-)

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