Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Dream

So, right before I woke up, I had an interesting dream. I was at a Dodger game with Nina. I don't know who they were playing. It might have been the Padres. Roberto was there. He had several players signing things for him. It was like laid out on the top of the outfield wall or something. We were in the the field level seats, by the left field foul pole. As soon as one player would sign a baseball, Roberto would hand it to a different player. The baseball had several autographs on it. The funny thing was ... he was using a black sharpie to sign them. Andre Ethier was signing to our left. Matt Kemp was signing to our right. Russell was hanging out with Kemp. He was telling Matt how he likes to knit, "you know, knit one, purl one." The players were leaving and the game was about to get started. I leaned over the wall, trying to get Kuroda (I think) to sign something for me. I started to fall over, but Roberto pulled me back. I told him thanks, he saved my life (Or my day or something like that). But I had dropped the baseball I was holding. It was the baseball I got from the Cubs game. A security guard picked it up and threw it past me into the field section seats. I went to go get it back. Some people were throwing it back and forth. Finally, they threw it towards me. It bounced on the step and hit me smack in the middle of my forehead. So, I went back to my seat. We were sitting in the first row, to the right of the left field foul pole. Nina got up to get something. Kuroda was the starting pitcher that day. And he gives up a lead-off home run. It lands in the left field level seats, bounces towards us... and lands on my seat! Cool. On the next pitch, it's foul. And it bounces and rolls under Roberto's seat. Sweet! I think there might have been one more foul ball into our section somewhere in the dream, because I thought Roberto already got one and then we got another one for Nina. Anyway, that was my interesting dream.


Roberto said...


that's funny.

moe28 said...

OMG hillarious!