Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I WON!!!!

If you listened to tonight's Dodger Talk, did you catch the tail end of the show??? Especially the part when Josh and Ken announced who was the winner for the night????

If you don't listen to Dodger Talk, lately they've been giving away free Dodger ticket(s) to who they picked as the best caller of the night. I called in because I had a few things to say. I had no intention or expectation of winning any ticket. I was completely stunned and shocked when they announced my name. Wow.

If you didn't catch the show tonight, here's a run down of what I said.

First, I told them "this is what happens when you put me on hold too long." They were talking about fan attendance and how small tonight's crowd was and mentioned the Royals' game. So, while I was on hold, I pulled up all the games from today and looked at their attendance. Only three other games had attendances higher than ours (Red Sox vs. Yankees, Giants vs. Cubs, and Phillies vs. Cardinals). There were four teams who had 13000 (I'm not rounding up by the way), I think two or three with 19000 (I didn't mention them), one team wtih 11000 (Reds vs. Marlins), and the lowest attendance of the day goes to... Brewers at Pirates with a paid attendance of 9,775!

The next thing I talked about was the All Star Ballots. I told them how last year my friends and I sat in the top deck and punched out 191 ballots! They said the team should fly us out to St. Louis for punching out that many ballots. The final thing I said was that I am not afraid to tell people how long I've been a fan, and it hasn't been that long. You wouldn't know it by talking to me, but I haven't been a fan as long as other people have been. They asked me about why I've been a fan since the specific date I said and I told them why. They asked me why did I become a fan, and I told them I went to my first game and got hooked.

What was funny too, the caller after me said he's been a fan much longer than I have (and he even called me by my name). Another caller called and talked about fans jumping on the bandwagon and how he didn't like it. Josh and Ken mentioned me and how fans like me come to their first game and instantly become fans. Out of curiosity, I listened to the rest of the program to see who won. I just about fell out of my chair when they said my name! I couldn't believe it. Half and hour later, I was still in shock and stunned about it. Wow. I wasn't even planning on going to tomorrow night's game. I was just about to write in the date of my next game in my scrapbook and thought, "Maybe I should wait and see if I win. I probably won't, but you never know." Oops. I just looked and I already wrote in the date for Thursday. Oh well. It will just have to be out of order! I can't believe it!

Mannywood! Here we come!!

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Roberto said...

Wow that's so cool! Congrats :)