Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wisdom Tooth

So, on Friday, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Well, just two of them. I got my lower left and upper left pulled. About two or three weeks ago, my lower left wisdom tooth started to really hurt. So, I gave in and finally went to the dentist. Before I could have my wisdom teeth pulled, they had to do a deep cleaning. I also got some Amoxicilin and Peridex to help me with my gum inflammation. I was awake while they were pulling my teeth. The top one came out pretty easily once it was loosened. The lower one took longer. They had to crack it and break it into several pieces before it could come out. Two days later, I want to eat regular food. But I'm still limited to soft and easy to chew foods. It took me 30 minutes on Friday just to each a mashed potatoe bowl. It was that hard to chew even a little. Now, I can handle foods better. My jaw is sore the most, but that's about it. My friends were surprised that I wasn't that swollen. Let's see hw this progresses.

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Julie Hibbard said...

We were at the Mission Viejo Mall...
which is not that great of a mall, but it is indeed fun to shop with my daughter.
I have a photo of me and Russell Martin! I met him in September down in San Diego. He's darling!!!
LOVE the Dodgers!!!