Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a crazy game!!!

I was at the game tonight and could've believe it! We had just as many hits as the Mets had errors! It seemed like every time I looked up at the scoreboard, they were putting another error up. Randy Wolf did awesome! He left the game with a 2 - 1 lead, which was blown just shortly after. He got a rousing applause which he responded by taking his cap off to the crowd. We scored our first two runs in the first ... and didn't score again till the ELEVENTH! Though there were about three errors scattered between the first ten innings, and two more in the eleventh. The craziest thing happened in the top of the eleventh. I was so thankful to have a little radio with me. The funny thing is, I don't really bring my radio to the game. And if I do, I don't always have it on. But a little birdie said to turn the radio on during this game. I might need it. Well, in the top of the eleventh, Angel Pagan with one on and two out, hit a triple that would score the winning run. Next thing we know, Pagan's on third, Church had scored ... and the inning was over! I heard Charlie Steiner on the radio explain what hapened. I jumped up and down, started yelling/screaming at the top of my lungs (probably because the radio was loud and so was the atmosphere at the stadium). CHURCH MISSED THIRD BASE! Yup. Ryan Church as he rounded third to score missed the base. Mark Loretta called for the ball, the umpire called the play, and the run was taken away. Then came the bottom. Starts off with a walk to Mark Loretta, then Xavier Paul doubled. Then they intentionally walked JUAN PIERRE. You got that right. They intentionally walked him to get to Rafael Furcal. Who made an out. Then came Orlando Hudson. By then, they pulled in Carlos Beltran to have a five-man infield. How often does that really work? After all, the Pirates tried that two years ago and guess what? They didn't need a five-man infield because there was no way they were going to catch Russell Martin's walk-off grand slam. Orlando Hudson hit the ball to Reed, who you thought would get the for sure out at home. That's where another error comes in and guess what? Casey Blake was probably relieved that he didn't need to be the hero of the night. Because Mark Loretta scored and game over! LOL I told someone in the bottom of the ninth that we were going to win off a walk-off walk. Well, a walk-off error is good enough for me.
Randy walking off the field after a fine performance
Andre's amazing catch

Russell rubbing Loney's head for good luck. It worked

Casey Blake saying something to Loretta, wonder what it was

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