Monday, October 05, 2009

Dodgers clinch the Division!!!

In case you haven't heard, the Dodgers clinched the National League Western Division on Saturday night. It took them long enough! Here's what I've posted so far:

So Close (10/2/09)

2009-10-02 035.JPG
2009-10-02 060.JPG2009-10-02 064.JPG2009-10-02 109.JPG
2009-10-02 111.JPG
There were a lot of close calls last night. Me getting to the game and getting a ticket. A couple close pitches to Kemp. The close call at first that the umpire called out and everyone else was sure it was safe. The close game. It was a really long game for such a low-scoring, low hitting game. Then again, maybe having almost twenty strike outs combined might have something to do with it. Or the guy who sang the "National Anthem". That had to be the LONGEST rendition I've ever heard. There was another girl earlier who took a long time too... but man... I think this guy takes the cake! I was talking to a security guard after the game ... we talked about how it was such a long game for such a low-scoring game. I told him, "It's the guy who sang the National Anthem. It's his fault. He set the tone."

Two years in a row! (10/3/09)
Two years in a row have the Dodgers clinched the National League Western Division Champion title ... and both years I was at the game when they clinched!

2009-10-03 010.JPG I got Brad Ausmus to sign Julia's birthday ball. He was one of the handful of players she named she wanted. Her list was Andre Ethier, Russell Martin, Randy Wolf, and Brad A-use-mus. That's how she said his name the first time she tried to say it. And it stuck in our heads. Well, she is nine you know. She turns ten in less than two weeks. Manny might've been one of the names on the list too, but I was like ... fat chance me getting Manny's autograph. I got Randy's before the game started. I was talking with an usher (one I hadn't talked to before too!) when I noticed Randy was signing autographs.

2009-10-03 028.JPG He was standing on the top step of the dugout and signing autographs for the kids in the dugout club. Okay, so I know I was in the field level and no way was I getting in the dugout club. But, there is a wall that separates the dugout club from the field level. I went to the very first row that was directly behind Randy. I pulled out the ball and my Wolf mask.

Time to break out the bubbly!
2009-10-04 029.JPGLast week when I thought the Dodgers were going to clinch in Pittsburgh, I went out and bought two bottles of apple cider to celebrate. The Dodgers lost on Sunday night, so the apple cider got to sit. Well, one of them. I drank the other one anyway. Guess you could say there was one to drown my sorrows. And the other one to celebrate.

Here come the bullpen guys. Everyone wants in on the celebration.
2009-10-03 378.JPG2009-10-03 379.JPG2009-10-03 385.JPG
More photos to come! Some on my blog, and eventually the rest on the my flickr.

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