Saturday, January 08, 2011

I dreamt of Charlie

Strangely enough, I think Charlie looked like Derek Morgan aka Shemar Moore. I think.

Wow, back to back nights where I had these crazy vivid dreams. This one wasn't as hectic or crazy as the night before. This one took place on a campus or campground or something. Not quite sure. I'm sitting on the grass with this guy, Charlie. He has his arm around me and he starts placing kisses like on my shoulder and working his way up my neck. He tells me how good I smell. Then he suggests we go some place a little more private so we can be alone. I say okay, just a little bit alone. I didn't want to be completely alone or in an inappropriate situation. As we're walking around looking for a spot, I notice someone is following me. It's Cheryl. She's either his ex or something like that. We keep walking and she keeps following. I see a teacher/adult, Mr. Reyes, who happens to look just like Will Schuester from Glee. I ask him if we could talk to him. He says not now, maybe later. I somehow trip and fall into a bunch of bushes, which happen to be poison ivy! Oh dear.

So, Charlie at this point disappears and the rest of the dream is a big drama between Cheryl and I. Because not only are we both interested in Charlie, we're both friends. Well, looks like our friendship is over because she refuses to talk to me. I need someone to ask for advice because I want to stay friends with Cheryl but don't want to lose Charlie. I find Ada preparing dinner and ask if I could talk to her. I'm asking her for advice when Cheryl walks in. She has a baby in a stroller and she is mad at Ada, thinking Ada is on my side. She is terribly rude to Ada. I tell Cheryl to leave Ada alone. Cheryl is telling me about the weather somewhere (California, I think) and how it's nice and warm there. She suggests I should go there, immediately. I tell her, why would I go there? I like the cold and the rain, she doesn't.

She leaves. I go looking for Charlie. I'm in the guys dormitory and asking around for Charlie. They tell me he's with Cheryl. I'm heartbroken. I grab my backpack and tell them I'm leaving. I hit the road, figure I'll hike to the nearest town or hitch hike. I look down the road and it leads into a creek. The sign marker says something like 59. I look up and the road inclines but the sign marker says 58. I start heading up the road.

A group of people on a little motor boat and two people on a motorcycle come racing up behind me, trying to convince me to come back. The guy driving the motor boat looks like John Corbit (dad from Ramona and Beezus, the pastor in Raising Helen, and the groom in My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I tell them I can't go back.

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