Saturday, January 08, 2011

NCIS... Criminal Minds... and Goodwin???

Goodwin, as in the Other in Lost who infiltrates the Tailies. Goodwin, as in Juliet's lover on the island. At least, that's who the guy in my dream reminded me of. A little bit of Goodwin, a little bit of Aaron Eckhart.

Why am I babbling about Goodwin/Brett Cullen and Aaron Eckhart?

I'm not sure how my dream started... but I remember taking out my camera. Gibbs (NCIS) was telling me he wants photos of everything, especially faces. Or maybe it was Gideon (Criminal Minds). I'm not sure. I was taking photos when I noticed something up in the trees. There's a guy hiding in the trees. He's either got a sniper rifle or a long lens camera. I don't remember and I don't think I could see all the clearly anyway. So I try to take his picture without him knowing it. Then I see two more guys in the trees. I point this out to Gibbs.

The scene changes and I'm at an apartment building. I'm asking this woman, "donde esta su hijo?" Okay, so I was demanding she turn over her child to me. We take two or three boys in the van. Now Morgan (Criminal Minds) is driving. We're going down the main road and we notice a truck is following us. I tell Morgan about it. He changes lane and so does the truck. He turns on a street and the truck follows too. Morgan makes a big u-turn and the truck pulls up next to us. A big guy gets out of the truck to say something to Morgan. I pull out my revolver. I have no idea why I'm using a revolver. I shoot the guy in the arm. He says something and gets back in his truck and drives off.

We get on the highway. We're on the 5 heading north. The driver changes. It's no longer Morgan. I'm not sure who he is, but he reminds me of a younger Aaron Eckart/Goodwin. One of the kids had something that appeared to have a tracking device on it. It looks like a paper or receipt of some kind. I take it, rip it up, and throw it out the window. I ask Goodwin if we should try to take a different route. He says no. The only other route takes us to where SHE died. I take the way he says it, or maybe I already knew, but the SHE he was talking about was his girlfriend/significant other who as killed. I put my hand on his shoulder to comfort him. The weird part was, there was another agent sitting in the back with a kid or two and there's one more kid sitting between Goodwin and I. So I have no idea how I'm able to put my hand on Goodwin's shoulder. The next part is the best part of the dream. When I pull my hand back, he takes it and holds it. Then he tells me, "I can't lose you, too."

Naturally, after the best part of the dream comes the worst part. This SUV pulls up along side us and tells us to get off at the next exit. I pull my revolver out. We get off and Goodwin gets out of the car to talk to the people. It doesn't look good. He comes back and we hand over the kids to them. The other car takes off. Goodwin is visibly upset. I put my hand on his and suggest he and I ride together in the back and let the other agent drive. He shakes his head. I'm hurt and say, okay I'll get my things. Next thing I know, he and the other agent leave and I'm standing on the side of the road. Here's where it gets really weird. My pastor and his wife pull up in their surburban. She has a receipt for me that Nina said to give to me. I have no idea what the receipt is for. Next thing I know, this guy pulls up in his car and demands I give him the receipt for the tires. I have no idea what he's talking about. The only receipt I have is the one I just got from Nina. He says that's the one. He tells me to get in the car and we're going to go for a little drive.

What happens next? I have no idea. I woke up and my heart was pounding! I couldn't go back to sleep. It must have been the adrenaline from the dream. At least I was able to hold onto that feeling when "Goodwin" took my hand and said, "I can't lose you, too."

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