Sunday, May 14, 2006

First Flat Tire!!!

Here are some pictures of my first flat tire! What happened you may ask? Well... I was going from the Lighthouse (Glendale) to Nina's (Eaglerock) and decided to take the street. Instead of going up Verdugo, I went up the street that's behind Target. There's a tight corner which is also kinda blind spot. This car comes around that corner quickly, and my reaction was to turn the wheel so we wouldn't hit. Instead, I hit the curb! Well, as we were going down the street I felt that my car was driving weird. I picked up the boys (Kevin and Harold) at Kevin's house (which used to be Nina's) and went to Nina's to get the present. Nina's neighbor was outside and told us our tire was flat. We tried to change it, but called J.R. to come help. He put on the spare tire, we went down to some other place and bought a tire. So now the spare is back in the trunk and I'm $65 poorer that I was before. Oh well. At least we made it to Tyler's birthday party.

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