Saturday, May 13, 2006


Following Melina's post...

I give up. I'm never gonna get to go out on a date. I'm never getting married. I just give up. Apparently the date on the return policy expired, because it's never gonna happen. (Referring to the book, "If Singleness is a Gift, What's the Return Policy?"

Why the sudden rant? After reading Melina's blog (and Matt's comment about the length of his singleness) brought on the despair about my own singleness (which I try not to think about EVER) plus the suspicion that the most recent Linus may indeed have found someone else.

So what's the plan then? First of all, I want my book back so I can read it again and remind myself why I should be satisfied with my singleness. Second, I'm gonna read my other book again (Sassy, Single, Satisfied). Third, I will find more books to read!

Fourth, I will remind myself: I can be happy being single!


1) Don't have to share a bed with anyone
(Many problems there: snoring, blanket hogging, taking up all the space... and I'm not talking about the other half!)
{though it would be nice to have someone to cuddle with}

2) Don't have to share bank accounts and worry about spending
(hello! shopaholic here. I'm reminded of this all the time with my customers. I had one lady who told me she hides her bills from her husband. Of course, this most recent time, she forgot to pay her bill and received a call reminding her of her 1200 balance. Then there's those customers who come in, buy something, come back and return because their husbands either a. didn't like what they bought or b. thought they spent too much money)
{Then again... there are the kind and thoughtful husbands who come to our stores and spends lots of money on their wives for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Easter, etc., etc., etc.}

3) Don't have to worry about my imperfections
(Lord knows, I have many. Perhaps that's why I haven't found anyone. Lord knows, I'll need someone who can deal with me because I can't certainly deal with me, how do I expect someone else to?)
{Though I'm sure he won't be perfect either. So we'll just have to be content with each others imperfections and realize that we ourselves are not perfect and therefore cannot expect the other half to be perfect}

4) My time is my time.
(I can do whatever I want without worrying about another person's schedule. I can hang out with my friends, go out, etc., etc.,)
{though it would be nice to have someone else to spend time with, go out with, hold hands... etc., etc., etc.}

Overall... I'm just discouraged because of the lack of anything so far. {On the bright side, I have Gabriel to make me feel better... but it's still frustrating anyway!}


LaDonna said...

That is exactly how I feel at times! I'm 22 years old and I've never been on a date, let alone had a boyfriend. But I do know that if it's the Lord'd will, there's someone out there. Same goes for you :) Until then, we'll just have to be content w/ where He wants us to be right now. Which can definitely be difficult, when you're not neccessarily a patient person by nature like me ;)

LaDonna said...

Whoa after reading that, it sounds like I'm saying that I am a patient person in the last sentence. To clarify, I meant it to come accros as I tend to be rather impatient majority of the time ;)