Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I’ve gone wireless!!!

At last! After seeing two other couples in the church go wireless, I’ve finally joined the club. The club being those who have wireless keyboards and mice. I loved using a wireless keyboard and mouse while I was over at Dan and Terri’s, as well as Juan and Shelley’s. It makes it so much easier because I tend to take the keyboard off the desk (because it’s too high for me) and place it on my lap. Which of course, limits me to how far I can take the keyboard. Too bad it wasn’t an ergonomic keyboard. That would’ve been sweet!

Anyway… today Gabriel told me that he was gonna miss me. I’m gonna miss him a lot. He’s the only guy I’ve ever known to make me feel…. Special. It drives me nuts how I feel when I’m with him, but that’s all coming to an end very soon.

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