Saturday, May 27, 2006

Other Half

So I “dumped” Heidi as my other half. Why? Because I don’t feel like I truly have another half. There isn’t a single soul on this earth that I feel is my “other half.” It stinks also to think of it as that way. Why can’t we be a whole person without needing someone else to be our other half?

There’s always this perception that a person (particularly a girl) can’t be a whole person unless there’s someone else to complete her. Let’s see
I think the person who said it best was Charisma Carpenter in that movie she made that also starred Holly Marie Combs. What was it called again? It had something about someone dating? Anyway, I liked her speech at her cousin’s (?) bridal shower about why did she need a man to make her complete? She was successful and happy. She didn’t need a guy to make her feel like a whole person.

BTW I just remembered the name of the movie. See Jane Date.

Once again
why do I feel like I need someone else to make me feel whole? And why am I up at two in the morning writing about this?

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