Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chloe Update

Update on Chloe 2.7.08
Great news!!! Chloe went from 51 to 1285 in only one week!!! As most of you all know it usually takes Chloe a while to get her numbers back up...I am speechless and very thankful. God is so good!!

Thanks so much for thinking of...and praying for....our family for the past 9 months. It's wonderful to be a part of the family of God. I wouldn't want to imagine life any other way.

Love and thanks,

Karla & Family :)

P.S. Marathon training is going great...20 miles this Saturday!! Only 3 weeks to go! Yikes!

Update on Chloe 1.31.08
Chloe's numbers have dropped again down to only 51. Other than the low numbers she is still feeling great! What a trooper!

We thank you for your prayers,

Karla & Family

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