Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is it time for a change?

I got a call yesterday for a second interview with Binder & Binder. They wanted me to come in today but I was going out of town. They said they would call me back on Tuesday to set up a second interview. Is it time for a change? Is it time for me to leave my current position? If I accepted the job at B&B, then I would have to quit my current job. It's a full-time position, Monday through Friday, 8:45 - 5:45. NOW one of the problems is location. The building is located off the 10 and 405 freeways. Now if anyone knows the 110, the 10, or the 405 freeways... you know that they're parking lots during the times I would be going to work and coming home from work. So, is the commute worth the full-time position? The bright side, it offers stability and weekends off. I can't tell you the last time I had a weekend off without requesting it. Or stability. When I first started working there, I did have some stability because I did work like either 9 to 5:30, or 10-6:30 from Monday through Friday. Then again, that was when I was like the only person who could open. Now, there's someone else who usually opens and there are more associates there. The only problem she has is weekenders, specifically Sundays. Which is where I come in. But I miss having my Sundays. I miss being able to go to church. Another conflict is ... Dodger games. I have mostly weekday games, that start at 7:10. I can probably make it straight from work. But whoever is going to the game with me would have to meet me there. And I can go to more Saturday games! We'll see. They have to call me back to set up a second interview. And then we have to go from there. I have to find out how much I'm going to get paid, how does taking time off will work out with them, and other questions. So, is the commute worth it?

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Melina said...

I think that this sounds like a great opportunity for you to get out of retail. If they call you back, I'd take the interview and then definitely pray about it. I think that you would be way happier doing this! Just my two cents... =)