Friday, February 29, 2008

In case you missed it...

This has been floating around recently, I guess. It was recently uploaded on the fourth of this month. It's a video of the 1986 Dodgers doing the Baseball Boogie. This is the description off the poster's youtube page : "Funniest video ever!! 1986 Dodgers a.k.a. The Baseball Boogie Bunch perform hilarious Super Bowl Shuffle like song and dance about their season. Starring Current Dodger coaches Rick Honeycutt, Ken Howell, and Mariano Duncan. Also starring others like Orel Hershiser and Mike Scoscia!! This is Hilarious!!".

Seeing as I was only two years old around that time, the only Dodger I recognized was Orel. He's an easy guy to recognize. I think I may have recognized Duncan, but I'm not too sure. As someone suggested, when watching this video ... two rules. 1) Turn your sound up. 2) Don't show this to any Giants' fan. And I agree with the guy who posted this. It's HILARIOUS.

The other thing you may have missed? Today was the first exhibition (Spring Training) game for our Boys in Blue. I set my alarm to KABC so I could wake up to the game, which I did. Actually, I set it earlier to see if there was any pregame stuff. There wasn't. It was good game. I wish I could've watched it instead of listening to it. The Dodgers were great till the seventh inning. The first couple of pitchers threw several innings, allowing only one hit which was in the first inning, off the second batter. Then Tom Martin came in and surrendered a couple of runs. Two runs, three hits, and walk to be exact. They said it was typical spring training (or minor league, I don't remember) game. The first six innings took only an hour to play. And then it took two hours to play the last three. And at that point, it was harder to keep track of who was playing. Most the well-known players were already taken out and replaced by other players. To be honest, once Russell was pulled, I have no clue who was the catcher behind the plate. Though I think on the infield, at one point it was Loney (or Lindsey), Young (Delwyn), Hu, and LaRoche. Outfield ... it was mixture of Ethier (in left), Kemp (in right), Repko, and ... Xavier Paul. Don't even ask me who the pitchers were. Other than Martin, I think the only other name I can remember (besides Johnson the starter) was Koplove.

Furcal got a triple in his first at-bat! I hope that's a sign that he's healthy and ready for this season. Martin gave us all a little scare at his at-bat when he checked his swing and the ball caught more of his left fist than we (and Ned Colleti) would have liked. One of the sportscasters commented that they could see beads of sweat on Colleti's forehead. I think it was Colletti and not Frank McCourt who was there. Matt Kemp committed his first base-running gaffe of the year. He tried to take third on a single to left by Mark Sweeney (which Jones scored on). Only problem was once he slid into third, he found out it was already occupied by James Loney. That wasn't the only base-running gaffe of the game. There was also Jason Repko trying to go from first to third, Hu trying to steal second, and Martin getting doubled off at second. It was crazy. First we were winning, then they were winning, then we tied it up (thanks to a bases-loaded walk). Then the Braves took the lead again in the ninth. Then in the bottom of the ninth, whoever was on the mound (DeSalvo) couldn't find the strike zone and walked some more players. The funny thing was, the Braves put someone in the bullpen and Charlie Steiner said they saw someone in the bullpen, they just didn't know who he was. It was at the point in the game when you saw jersey numbers that were in the 60s and 70s and higher, and names you didn't recognize. Instead of receiving a media guide, they had papers. And the player (Bean) in question wasn't on the traveling roster either. With the bases loaded, they took DeSalvo out and put Bean in. Well, Bean beaned LaRoche to force in a run... actually, he just got him in the foot. That brought up Lindsey, who had a ball slip through his legs (I think) that allowed the Braves a chance to take the lead. He ended up being the hero, bringing in not only the tying run, but the winning run as well!

Here's the box score and the game summary from Yahoo. And here's the box score and summary from the Dodger's official website. I just noticed on the game summary by Yahoo that they credit LaRoche getting hit by the wrong pitcher.

Oh yeah. The starting lineup? It was Pierre, Furcal, Martin, Kent, Jones, Loney, Garciaparra, Kemp, Johnson. Russell managed to get one hit, but he also struck out the other two times he was up. That's okay, Russ. David struck out too.

One more thing. In case you missed it (which I completely did). The Phillies pulled this huge prank on one of their pitchers, Kyle Kendrick. If you don't know who he is (hello, he is on the Phillies). He just finished his rookie season with 10 wins. Not bad for a rook.

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