Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book Wish List

We were at Barnes and Noble yesterday and I walked by the Sports section and a book caught my eye. According to Brandon, I just about cried (just like Angelina when she found these pair of shoes at Ross). I looked at several books that I liked. However, when I got home, I realized I don't remember what book it was that caught my eye! I was sleep deprived. In fact, I haven't had a sleep deprived weekend like this one in awhile. Friday night was a get-together at Nina's. Because I'm not "allowed" to sleep over, I got home around 3 AM. I got on my computer because Nina wanted me to upload some things onto her *new* Ipod. Turns out my Itunes was outdated and when I updated it, my Quicktime was outdated so I had to update that too. I woke up around 10:30 (thanks to my sister) after getting to bed around 5:30. Had a long full day/ LOL we played Taboo (boys vs girls, it was five vs two at first). Nina and I (and Gail later on) beat Daniel-Brandon-Harold-Kevin. One of my words was "bond" and I got off on the wrong track. So I then said, "he played for the giants, Barry ..." and Nina got it. Later I got the word "stock" and I did the same thing. "Barry ... "then she said "bonds" and then I said "what's another word for bonds". I got the word "out" but I said "you need three of these to get out of an inning" and I meant to say "end an inning." I should've just said "three strikes and you're..." Anyway, got home and went to bed around 1/1:30 to get up at 6:30 for a staff meeting. I went to Starbucks and it took me three tries to get my order out of my mouth correctly. Then at the staff meeting, we had to write something and I could barely write anything legible. In fact, I'm not even sure half the stuff discussed or half the things I said. After the staff meeting, I went to Sunday school and church, then got lunch and went home for a bit. Before going to work, I went to Starbucks again. I went to the one by the church because it's closer and easier to get to. But there were about nine people in line and I didn't have time for that. So I drove to the new one on Glendale Blvd and there was hardly anyone there. I think I found a new Starbucks to start going to. Anyway, after work, I went back to Barnes and Noble to find that book. I put a bunch of book titles in my phone to look up later. I also found "Haunted Baseball"! I've been wanting this book since I found out about it. So, I just spent the last hour, hour and half, searching Amazon for those baseball books and I found more while I was at it. Here's my finished list.

  1. Sports Illustrated: The Baseball Book by Editors of Sports Illustrated
  2. The 2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia (Espn... by Peter Gammons
  3. Obsessed with...Baseball: Test Your Knowledge of the America's Pastime (Obsessed With...) by The Baseball Guys
  4. Game of My Life Dodgers (Game of My Life) by Mark Langill
  5. Through a Blue Lens: The Brooklyn Dodgers Photographs of Barney Stein, 1937-1957
    by Dennis D'Agostino (Author), et al.
  6. Joy in Mudville - The Big Book of Baseball Humor by Dick Schaap and Mort Gerberg
  7. Tales from the Dugout : The Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told by Mike Shannon
  8. Illustrated History Of The Dodgers by Richard Whittingham
  9. The Dodgers Encyclopedia by William McNeil (Author)
  10. The Dodgers: 120 Years of Dodgers Baseball by Glenn Stout
  11. The Ultimate Baseball Quiz Book: (Third Revised Edition) (Baseball Quiz Book) by Dom Forker
  12. The Big Book of Baseball Brainteasers by Dom Forker, Robert Obojski, and Wayne Stewart (Hardcover - Mar 23, 2004)
  13. Tales from the Dodger Dugout by Tommy Davis and Paul Gutierrez
  14. Carl Erskine's Tales from the Dodgers Dugout: Extra Innings by Carl Erskine (Author), Vin Scully (Foreword)
  15. Rick Monday's Tales from the Dodger Dugout (Tales) by Rick Monday, Ken Gurnick, and Tommy Lasorda
  16. More Tales from the Dugout by Mike Shannon
  17. Obsessed with...Baseball: Test Your Knowledge of the America's Pastime (Obsessed With...) by The Baseball Guys
  18. The ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia, Fourth Edition (Espn Baseball Encyclopedia) by Peter Gammons
  19. Brooklyn Remembered: The 1955 Days of the Dodgers by Maury Allen and Bob Costas
  20. 1001 Baseball Questions Your Friends Can't... by Dom Forker
  21. The Best Book of Baseball Facts and Stats... by Luke Friend
  22. The Major League Baseball Book of Fabulous Facts and Awesome Trivia: From the Legendary to the Obscure, 500 Baseball Questions Covering All the Numbers, the Moments, the Records, Even the Nicknames by Ken Shouler (Author)
  23. Dodgers Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan! (Essential)
    by Steven Travers (Author)
  24. Few And Chosen: Defining Dodger Greatness Across the Eras (Few and Chosen) by Duke Snider (Author), et al.
  25. Tales from the Diamondback Dugout: A Collection of the Greatest Arizona Diamondback Stories Ever Told by Bob Page
  26. Tales From the Ballpark : More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told by Mike Shannon
  27. True Blue: The Dramatic History of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Told by the Men Who Lived It by Steve Delsohn
  28. Baseball Bafflers : Quizzes, Trivia, and Other Ballpark Challenges by Fastball Makov (Editor)
  29. Big League Trivia: Facts, Figures, Oddities, and Coincidences from our National Pastime by Madison McEntire (Author)
  30. The Baseball Almanac: Big Bodacious Book of Baseball by Dan Schlossberg (Author), et al.
  31. Baseball Bafflers 2: The Second Inning by Slammin Sam Weiser (Editor)
  32. Ninety Feet from Fame: Close Calls with Baseball Immortality by Michael Robbins
  33. Baseball Eccentrics: The Most Entertaining, Outrageous, and Unforgettable Characters in the Game by Bill Lee and Jim Prime
  34. Baseball's Most Wanted II: The Top 10 Book of More Bad Hops, Screwball Players, and Other Oddities (Most Wanted) by Floyd Conner
  35. Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig by Jonathan Eig (Hardcover - Mar 29, 2005)
  36. Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Blunders: A Complete Guide to the Worst Decisions and Stupidest Moments in Baseball History by Rob Neyer
  37. The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2007 (H... by Brian Borawski

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