Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update on Chloe

For those of you who are unable to see Karla's Bebo, here's the two most recent entries on her blog. I know Stacy put some updates on her blog once. I also have a picture of Chloe from Sunday.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with this ... Chloe is a sweet little girl who was diagnosed with leukemia in May of this year. It's been a rollercoaster of a year for Chloe and her family. But God is faithful, and God is good (all the time). I'll try to post more updates for those of you unable to get onto Bebo. Let's all keep Chloe and her family in our prayers.

From Karla
Update on Chloe 11-06-07
The latest on Chloe is that she did make her numbers on Friday!! Yahoo! Not only did she make the minimum 750 but she soared past that all the way to 1892!!! Wow!! We didn't get her numbers until Monday morning, if we had known that, we could have gone to church Sunday!!
She was able to start part two of her Standard Delayed Intensification Phase yesterday. We were at the CHOC Cancer Clinic for about ten hours getting multiple kinds of chemo and she also had another Lumbar Puncture. The LP had to be done two times because she fought the medication so much they had to give her five times the dose to put a child of her weight under in order to do the procedure again. Chloe is quite a fighter and such a brave girl in all that she faces daily. She has confidence that the Lord is right beside her and with His help faces most of her battles head on! Chloe will be in daily hospital treatment for the next 14 days and then will go into a two week "rest" period so that she can regain her numbers once again before starting her final phase Maintenance. It makes me cry to even type that, this has been such a struggle for her and us that I can't believe that we are almost to the last phase. Yes, the last phase does last for three years and some cases kids come out of remission during the final phase, but we are confident that Chloe will see this through. Anything is possible with the amount of prayer that is going up daily for Chloe. We are so thankful for that. I mean who EVER heard of numbers going from 738 all the way to 1892 in just 4 days?? It took her four weeks to get to 738! Prayer is the answer for that!! We are off to the hospital this morning but I wanted to get this update out as soon as I had a minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the many, many prayers. Your prayers are obviously working! Praise the Lord for that! We are truly thankful for each one that has breathed a prayer for Chloe. It means everything to us. Thank you for carrying our burden with our family. I feel blessed to be connected to so many prayer warriors no matter what the "burden" is- you are ready. We are so blessed by your love, support and prayers.

With happy, happy hearts and thanksgiving,

The Diemers

Update on Chloe 11-16-07
Hello Friends and Family,

So the last time Chloe went through this treatment (part one of two parts) during the first part of October...she went right in the hospital, it totally did her in. Her numbers bottomed out at zero for a week. This time she is still fighting and going strong into the second week! In fact, today is the last day of treatment of this phase and still without a hospital stay. We are just praising the Lord for all His mercy and healing. Chloe's numbers at the last update were 1892 then by the end of the first week they dropped to 1372 which is still awesome, so awesome that we were able to attend church on Sunday! By Tuesday the 13th they were 758 (still good for where she is at in treatment), Chloe wont get labs again until Monday but so far everything is looking wonderful and I feel so happy for Chloe that she made it through two weeks of very intense therapy without going to the hospital. Chloe was able to make it to the tea party on Monday and even go walk in the sand at our beach Monday evening to watch the sunset (it's still in the 70's to low 80's here). Today after school some wonderful friends are putting together a locks of love cut (Spare Some Hair) in honor of Chloe, she will be there with a mask on to watch and support all the girls and women that are donating their hair today. My sister Tami, David and I are still plugging away on our training for the LA Marathon, so far so good. Chloe is the team's honored teammate and if her numbers are high enough she will meet the team on the 8th of December for our first 10 mile training day! David has today off so he took Chloe to her appointment this morning to give me a break from the hospital this week. Chloe suggested that we give her a break and both go and leave her here She is in great spirits. I wanted to mention one more thing if I may.... I normally don't speak much about Ashley & Hannah but I just want to say that they have been the best sisters through all of this. I am proud of how patient, understanding, and helpful they have been.

We thank you for your continued prayers to make in to the next phase. This last phase of Maintenance will last for 2-3 years and will be much easier after the first three months of treatment. Chloe has a rest period for the next two weeks so that her numbers can get back up to 750 to start this final phase by Dec 3rd. We are trusting in the Lord and we know that everything is in His perfect timing. Chloe is in His hands. We appreciate your prayers and we feel them.

With much love and thanks,

Karla & Family

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