Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Latest update ... as of four hours ago

Update on Chloe...........Headed back to the hospital!! :( 11-20-07
So we thought we had a day off today but the hospital just called and Chloe is in immediate need of a blood transfusion, her numbers have dropped to 240 and I am praying that we are not going to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. Also, we have made plans (bought plane tickets) to go up to Portland for Christmas to be with our families and we are asking for prayer that it will all work out. We really need to be with family and our dear friends this holiday season. We thought we would wait until summer to see everyone when we move back but the closer the holidays get, the more we want to go "home" for Christmas. It's just not the same without family especially since David was deployed to Iraq last Christmas and it's been two years since we have been up to Washington to see his family for Christmas. Do I sound desperate? I am! We NEED to be "home" this year. Thank you for praying for the Lord's will in it all. The doctor agreed yesterday that it was a very good thing to go. There were some real concerns but he said they didn't outweigh the benefits of going for all of us- especially Chloe. It's all in the Lord's hands! We are trusting in Him as always.

We are home!!!!

I wanted to post a praise report to let you all know that we are back home! Thank you so much for praying!!! So many of you emailed/beboed me back saying how you were going to pray right away and that Chloe had been on your hearts. Thank you for praying, we serve such a wonderful, awesome God and He is so good to us time and time again. Chloe needed two units of blood and right away started getting chills and got very flushed. The nurse caring for her grew concerned and got the doctor. Usually with chills an oncology patient is admitted right away for a minimum of three days and I knew that because some of the medications mask a fever but not chills. I was trying to fight back tears and so I just breathed a prayer and I knew that right at that moment many others were praying too. In a matter of minutes Chloe stopped shaking and all of her symptoms subsided. I knew the Lord was with us and with Chloe right at that moment and I knew she was touched by the mighty hand of God as only He can do. The doctor shook his head and said "Hmmm, she seems to be fine now". I can't count how many times that Chloe has left the doctor's scratching their heads, but we know and we are always quick to give God the glory. We are so very thankful to be back at home! We pray for all of those that are still at the hospital and are not going to have the luxury of being home for Thanksgiving this year. Glory be to God!

Our love and thanks,

The Diemer Family

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