Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

And boy were the crazies out today. It's been crazy people at work week or something. For example, today, one lady came in asking about a package she just ordered. Literally. She must've just placed the order on Saturday and they told her it wouldn't arrive in the store till maybe Saturday. And she comes in today to see if it already arrived. Then she asks about another order that must not have gone through. The entire time my boss is trying to take care of this and order it for her, she is muttering about not coming to this store anymore because she can't seem to get helped right. Now, this other lady was at the register when I came back from my break. Tracy (my former store manager who is now one of the assistant managers) was dealing with her. My store manager already tried to deal with her, but handed her off to Tracy. The customer was returning several items. But she wanted the return in cash. However, she used a merchandise credit to pay for part of it. So, she could only receiver a certain amount in cash and another amount in store credit. The customer refused to take the store credit. She wanted it all in cash. However, we can't do that. My store manager had an electrician waiting and he was just watching the entire thing. Tracy explained the policy to the customer SEVERAL times. It must have taken at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the customer took her merchandise back and left the store.

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