Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dodger tickets, Manny, and Adenhart

Today, I went to Dodger Stadium to buy my tickets for Saturday's game against the Rockies. I told the ticket guy that I wanted tickets in the Left Field Pavilion, as close to the Bullpen as possible. He goes, "ah, you want to see Manny, huh?" I told him, no. I said bullpen. I wanted to see Wolf. First he had me in section 311. Then I asked him if there were any in 301. He looks them up and says, "well, you can still see Manny." Again I said, I wanted to see Wolf, not Manny. When I was leaving work, a coworker asked me if I was excited about Manny. I told her my story about when I went to go buy my tickets. I want to see Wolf, not Manny.

If all goes according to plan... Wolfie should be the starter that day. Then again, you never know. You don't know what's going to happen from one moment to the next. And here's where we pause for a moment of silence for Nick Adenhart.

If you haven't heard by now ... Angels' pitcher Nick Adenhart's career and life was tragically cut short by a drunk driver who ran a red light. I was listening to ESPN radio and they were taking calls about the news. A physician called in and he talked about why he thought the Angels didn't need to postpone the game. He said if he died that night, his clinic would not close the next day. If the Angels didn't postpone the game, would there have been callers questioning that move? Personally, I think that postponing the game was the right move. It would be very difficult for the players to play when less than twenty-four hours ago, Nick Adenhart was standing on that very same mound, pitching six scoreless innings and striking out five A's players.

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Roberto said...

Yeah I heard that caller saying they shouldn't of canceled the game. I disagree. It was a good move. Rest in peace Nick...