Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ITunes MLB Games of the Year

Two weeks into the season and here's what they have to offer...

4/3 Cubs at Yankees (Spring Training) - Yanks open Stadium with power-full win
4/5 Braves at Phillies - Cool, calm Lowe tosses gem in debut
4/8 Braves at Phillies - Phis look like champs after getting rings
4/10 Red Sox at Angels - Angels fight off pain, rally past Red Sox
4/16 Indians at Yankees - Indians spoil Yankee Stadium Opener
4/17 Brewers at Mets - Sheffield clubs 500, Mets walk off

Hmmm notice something here? Can you say EAST COAST BIAS!!! Not a single Western division team (except for the ONE Angels game after Nick Adenhart's death). And every single game has an Eastern division team. GRRRRRR I get it. They can't post every game where a player hits their first home run for their new team (as requested in lots of the reviews on Itunes). And they can't post every game or every team or even a game per day. I know a lot of times they only offer mile stone games or some really big games ... but come on... a Spring Training game? Lowe's Braves debut? Yankee Stadium Opener (and not Citi Field Opener)?

If we lived in a perfect world, every team would be able to offer their fans the chance to buy and download any game they want. Personally, I'd have a tough time because I would buy so many games! To start off, I'd buy every game I went to. Then, I'd buy the ones I think were really good that I missed or should've gone to or my favorite players did really well. I still have a few older games to purchase on Itunes. Just haven't gotten around to it.

What games do I think they should add?
1) Dodgers Home Opener 4-13-09 Orlando Hudson hits for the cycle (in fact, they should have Ian Kinsler's cycle game too - on Jackie Robinson night no less). Not only does O-Dog become the first Dodger in what? 30 years? to hit for the cycle... but Billingsley strikes out 11 along the way. On top of that ... It's RANDY JOHNSON pitching for the Giants.

2) Athletics at Angels 4-8-09 (I think that's the right date). Nick Adenhart's final game. Need I say more?

3) Rockies at Dodgers 4-18-09 Manny Ramirez clubs two homers against the Rockies, becoming the 11th player to homer against all active 30 teams. Without looking it up, can you name any of the ten other players???

4) For the fun of it, Dodgers at Padres 4-6-09 The season opener where the Dodgers beat JAKE PEAVY for the first time in ... a long time

Okay, so I'm a little Dodgers biased but that's the only team I really watch. And two of the three games I suggested are pretty big deals, wouldn't you say so? I'd say beating Peavy was a big deal to the Dodgers too. I'm sure there are other games out there that other fans want (like Kinsler's cycle, the Indians huge win over the Yanks, or Pujols' grand slam)... so far, what game this year do you think Itunes should offer that isn't on that meager list?

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